Lay wall decal face up on a flat surface and rub over the graphic by hand or use a credit card to make sure all parts of the graphic are stock to the transfer tape.
Flip over the sticker to begin peeling the backing paper. If any part of the decal does not separate then carefully place back backing paper back and repeat step 1.
After the backing paper has been removed, what you are left with is the whole graphic on the transfer tape ready to be applied to the wall. Be sure application surface is clean & dry.
Carefully line up wall decal in your chosen location. For large wall decals we recommend that your measure and use a level to ensure accurate placement.
Work your way across the graphic and slowly rub over transfer tape using a credit card. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles as you go.
Your graphic should now be in place under the transfer tape stock to the wall. Rub over all parts of the graphic to make sure every part of it is stock to the wall or surface.
Start in one corner, and slowly peel back the transfer tape on itself. If any part has not stock down, please lay paper back down and rub again until you can separate it.
Your wall decal has now been applied. Step back and enjoy!